Mabuki gives back

Environmentally friendly paper, FSC

The paper we use to produce Mabuki stationery is environmentally friendly (either EFC or FSC certified) where possible. As we know by now, paper has in fact a much lower footprint than digital data. We continue to work on lowering our footprint and search for "good materials". Since we started the Mabuki range, we planted another tree in our WWF AO forest and hope to keep planting in the future.

Apart from this, we are happy to share how Mabuki gives back in other ways:

• Our friends in Hong Kong donated their 12 notebooks to WeMe Studio, the sales went to a pay-it-forward scheme which gives people – who otherwise wouldn't be able to – a chance to attend health sessions.
 • One of our clients/stockists, Bakers Garden, is donating their commission to help care for stray cats. The money is used for cat food, vet visits etc. 
• From 2018 onwards, the proceeds of all Mabuki sales in Belgium go to an orphanage project in Kathmandu.


Since 2015, 10 trees have been planted in our "atelier oost forest" to help rebuild the devastated forests in Indonesia. If you'd like to plant a tree, please plant one in our forest here.


In 2015, atelier oost donated to a private project in Kathmandu after the devastating earthquake in April. This initiative has led to the rebuilding of a home for orphans and made the difference from 15 children living in tents to moving back into their homes. If you'd like to get involved in this ongoing initiative, please feel free to contact us.

If you are a non-profit organisation, we are happy to extend discounted rates for our services.