If it's about being bigger, faster ... it's time you thought smarter, smaller.

all things design

On- & off-line publications,
corporate identity & web design,
marketing collaterals...

all things in between

Our undivided attention.
Because it's not just a service,
it's a relationship too.  

all things edit

Copywriting, editing, interviews, research,
web content provision...

We are a boutique, not a department store.

We provide graphic design, media consultancy, editorial and design strategy,
copywriting and editing services to a select group of publishers and corporate clients.
We like being small. Being small allows us to show the kind of single-minded commitment
that your project deserves. Not only do you benefit from our years of experience,
you benefit from our undivided attention.
We prefer small words too.
They’re direct, unpretentious and easily understood.  
They’re a bit like us.

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